Stella Sensorium

Client: Stella Artois
Studio: Common Good
Agency: Mosaic

Sensorium by stella Artois is a multi-course dining experience with beer and food pairings where each dish is inspired by one of the five senses
– sight, sound, taste, touch & aroma.

Within a custom built sensorial dome, guests are immersed in a 360 degree experience, surrounded by video and interactive elements that engage and amplify all of the senses throughout the night.

Produced by CommonGood.

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— above photo by Evan Bergstra

Stella Sensorium / 2015

Full Credits

Produced by Common Good

Directors: Nicolas Girard & Jordan Clarke
Creative Director: Jamie Webster
Producer: Dwight Phipps
EP: Stefani Kouverianos
Production designer: Jay Pooley
Designers: Nicolas Girard, Jordan Clarke, Rafael Ruiz, Andrew Vucko
Technical supervisor & renders: Alex Avram
Director of photography: Alan Poon